Saturday, April 3, 2010

Transformed Candle Sconces

I really loved these sconces when I bought them, however I was never satisfied with how they looked hanging in my house.  I had them above my couch for years and took them down after all the dust on the candles posed a fire hazard.  Oops.

Picture 005

When I re-did my kitchen I had an empty wall that screamed their name—but in a new light.

I sawed off the “sconce” part-

Picture 013

Picture 014

And, as you assumed, painted them!!!

Picture 016

Here’s how they look  on my wall- Dontcha love Hobby Lobby, too?!

Picture 032

Picture 036 

Picture 038

I want to show you this lovely little pocket that saved me from going crazy with all the mail on the counter filled-in a blank spot on my wall.

Picture 039 

I’m thinking of painting this little detail the same color red that the re-purposed sconces are.  Whatcha think??

Picture 040

Similar wall pockets are $49 from Ballard!  This one was $12.50 from my favorite store, of course!

Spray painting season is still on full-swing, do you have any projects lined-up?!

Next project is a spring monogram!  I LOVE MONOGRAMS!!!!!

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  1. Love them and love that mail hangy thing!! I want one. I don't think it would help my mail issues though. They are BIG.